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Training of teachers as inclusive education ambassadors

Start date: 01 October 2018
Duration: 24 months

Funded by: Erasmus+ programme of the EU Commission
Measure: Strategic partnership for development of innovation in school education

Inclusive education does not refer to the way to educate the child with disadvantages (disabilities, learning difficulties, refugee, migrants etc.) but rather the way to educate every one.

“Inclusion” does not simply mean the placement of students with disadvantages in general education classes. This process must incorporate fundamental change in the way a school community supports and addresses the individual needs of each child.

Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all will be the core aim of this proposal.

“Inclusive Education refers to the educational practice base on the philosophical belief that all learners, those with disabilities and those without, have a right to be educated together in age appropriate class groups, and that all will benefit from education in regular classrooms of community schools. Within these settings teachers, parents and others work collaboratively using appropriate and sufficient resources to interpret and enact the regular curriculum in a flexible manner in accordance with the individual abilities and needs of all learners.” (Prof Gary Bunch)

Our Solution:

  • to train so called “inclusive education ambassadors” – teachers, trainers, psychologists, resource tutors who can support the development, implementation and mainstreaming of successful inclusive education practices.
  • The approach will be to follow the universal design of learning which will enable accessible provision of education to all students with and without disabilities.

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