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First Workshop

On 21 January 2019 we conducted the first workshop within the project “INCLUSIVE AMBASSADORS” (project number: 2018-1-BG01-KA201-047854) with teachers and students from the 8-th grade of “St. Paisii Hilendarski ” Secondary School, Plovdiv. In the group there were children with autistic spectrum disorders, hyperactive behavior, learning difficulties, students with heart disabilities and students without disabilities.

Mrs. Ikimova presented the project to the participants, introducing the objectives and tasks that should be implemented.

In that workshop, students and teachers were given sheets of paper in which they had to find hidden objects in a picture and paint them. The task was challenging for both students and teachers. The children worked with great enthusiasm, quickly discovered the hidden pictures and colored them.

This workshop showed that students perceive this exercise with a great interest. We observed how the hyperactive child, implemented the task with great desire and concentration. The child with special educational needs worked with great accuracy and quickly found all the objects in the picture, even his sheet of paper was the most precisely made.

The teachers observed, discussed, and gave instructions to the students about the implementation of the task. Everyone helped each other actively, working in pairs, and the work of the disabled students in no way differed from that of the students without disabilities. The teachers were impressed by the concentration and the enthusiasm of the children with disabilities, how well they worked together with the other students, and the teachers actually saw the positive aspects of the process of inclusion.

This workshop was organized by Ms Grudeva, Ms Ikimova and Ms Mladenova as the first workshop within the project aiming to raise the awareness of teachers and students about the benefits of inclusion.

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