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Fourth workshop

On 21 March 2019 we conducted the fourth workshop on “Inclusive Ambassadors” project with teachers and students from the 8-th grade of “St. Paisii Hilendarski” Secondary School – Plovdiv. In the group there were students with visual impairments, with hyperactive behavior, with learning difficulties, students with heart disabilities, students from remote areas and students without disabilities.

Mrs. Ikimova recalled the objectives and the tasks of the project and the workshop started.

Within two lessons, the students were asked to draw a painting on a poster, titled “My Dream Classroom” and then to describe in English, on the same poster, what they drew.

The students were divided into groups of two, three or four. Everybody started to work with great enthusiasm. First, in groups, they made a plan of their dream classroom. Then, the practical implementation started. The children were so engaged into realizing their plans that they did not even want to have a break between the two lessons.

The teamwork helped for creating great classroom projects, and this task evolved thinking, imagination and practising English. At the end of the workshop, which lasted 90 minutes, each group presented their project.

All the students did the task, worked together and helped each other, which showed that the integration of children with disabilities was happening successfully.

A guest of the event was also the History teacher – Mr. Georgi Geshev, a new teacher at the school, who was also impressed by the children’s work.

This workshop was organized by Ms Grudeva and Ms Ikimova as the fourth project workshop, aiming to raise the awareness of teachers and students about the benefits of inclusion.

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