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Fifth workshop

On 11 April 2019 we have organized a fifth workshop with students from V-th grade of “St. Paisii Hilendarski” Secondary School, Plovdiv and teachers. Among the participants there were students with learning difficulties, visually impaired students, hyperactive ones, as well as pupils without disabilities.

At the beginning, Mrs. Diana Vassileva introduced the objectives and the tasks of the project to the participants and told them that they would try to apply them in the “Man and Nature” class.

The topic was “Preparing and observing microscopic preparations” – a laboratory exercise.

Preliminary preparations were made: the students had brought water from the aquarium – moss, leaves and onions.

Under the leadership of Mrs. Vassileva, the students made the experiments. All students worked with great attention and interest. They observed and described the results of the samples, which they have created. All the participants practised their knowledge of the microscope and the structure of the cells and tissues through various preparations. All students did either individually or in a team the assignments and reported the results of the survey.

Mrs. Vassileva predetermined who will work individually and who will work in teams, considering that this is also the purpose of the laboratory exercises – team work. In fact, the children with disabilities were placed in different teams and so they took part in the experiments without any difficulties. Everybody was actively involved. Nobody felt that they had disabilities, and the students with disabilities worked the same way like the other students.

The workshop lasted for 40 minutes and the children felt glad and happy about what they had obtained as a result of their research.

The event was organized by Mrs. Grudeva, Mrs. Ikimova and Mrs. Vasileva as the fifth workshop within the project, aiming to raise pupils’ awareness of the benefits of teamwork, of the good result of collaboration and mutual help among schoolmates, and the successful participation and inclusion of disabled students.

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