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Sixth workshop

On 15 April 2019 we conducted the sixth workshop with students from the VIII grade of “St. Paisii Hilendarski” Secondary School, Plovdiv. Among the participants there were students with learning disabilities, visually impaired students, hyperactive, with heart disabilities, with internal disabilities, as well as students without disabilities.

Ms. Ikimova gave the students the following task:

They had to imagine that after a disaster they found an injured animal and they had to describe in English how they should save that animal. The students were divided into groups. Each group appointed a leader who chose one of the provided plush toys (animals), which practically performed the function of the injured animal, which they had found. All teams worked with interest and with a very good concentration. They managed to compose very interesting stories about saving the injured animal. Each group went in front of the other participants, showing their animal and reading the story they had written in English.

The workshop lasted 60 minutes. Twenty-seven students took part, and they felt glad and happy with what they had achieved. After reading each story, there was strong applause. The teamwork was extremely fruitful. The children with disabilities participated most actively, interacting with their peers, giving the most interesting ideas for the task.

The event was organized by Ms. Grudeva and Ms. Ikimova as the sixth workshop within the project, aiming to raise students’ awareness of the benefits of teamwork, the good result of cooperation and mutual support among peers and the successful inclusion of students with disability.

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