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Colourful Chalk World

On 1 June 2019, on the celebration of Children’s Day, we held an event called “Colourful Chalk World ” at the Rosarium Park – Plovdiv. The event was co-organized with Elia Foundation and the School for Children with Special Abilities.

Lots of children took part in the event. Among them there were several children with autism, hyperactive behavior and children with visual impairments.

“Colourful Chalk World ” is more than a drawing on the asphalt. The children expressed their sense of reality, which flowed into a collective colorful work. The message is clear: “I am here, too and I am also a part of this world.” And in spite of the differences of everyone’s perception of the world around them, it is shared and it is for all. One of the children with autism wrote with colourful chalk a big and beautiful slogan “Happy Holiday to All Children”.

Along with the colorful drawings of favorite characters and messages on the asphalt, the children made cardboard trees in the Forest of Friendship, mottled of handprints of their hands. The children had a lot of fun, because they painted their hands in different colours, which was great pleasure for them. They did not hesitate to daub themselves with paint in order to leave their lasting handprint on the trees in the Forest of Friendship.

The children eagerly anticipated for their turn to be painted with makeup on their faces by the great-hearted artist Tsveta Marova. And for those who didn’t like“daubing“ so much, there was painting with colourful sand. One of the children with autism was having fun with the sand for a very long time and she was apparently very happy.

Several “future artists” took part in coloring a huge map of the landmarks of the city of Plovdiv. The children worked together and with great desire. One of the children with autism did a great job, coloring a pretty large part of the map.

The little ladies were happy to try out the latest trends in hair styles. Everyone was smiling and truly happy.

Colour chalks, colour paints, makeup, hairstyles, sunny weather and great mood. What else can we wish for а holiday to be perfect and for all the children to enjoy TOGETHER?

Children’s smiles and the happiness in their eyes were our reward.

The inclusion of children with disabilities was successful. They all coped with the set tasks, indicating that the project goals were being accomplished.

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