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Speech therapists from the Smolyan region were introduced to the project

On June 12 and 13, 2019, speech therapists from the Smolyan region were introduced to the project “Training of teachers as inclusive education ambassadors”. During the presentation of the project, the main barriers to the stigma, knowledge and skills for creating an inclusive environment for children and students with special educational needs, cultural and social acceptance, as well as government efforts to support people with disabilities are emphasized. The participants were introduced to who could benefit from the project, namely: teachers, trainers, psychologists, resource teachers, principals and what they should possess and what skills incumbents should have: inclusive work skills to develop schools as institutions for inclusive educational practices; knowledge and skills in managing diversity in the classroom; the ability to propose strategies to promote inclusive practices in mainstream schools; the ability to create a learning community in which everyone – staff, students, parents are engaged and valuable and can promote the inclusion and integration of all students, regardless of their background, previous experience, abilities and social skills; ability to support teachers and school staff in working with learners with special educational needs. The project presentation also emphasizes that participants will be able to share their experiences and good practices, as well as be able to introduce good practices from Belgium and Europe in order to reduce the risk of failure and prevent students from dropping out of special educational needs, they will be able to create effective and motivating learning materials geared to the individual needs of each student in the educational institution.

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