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Intellectual outputs

During the project we will develop, approbate, disseminate and exploit the following envisaged outcomes:

IO1: Principles, beliefs and role of the inclusive education ambassadors guide

Output 1 will conclude on the development procedure and methodological approaches in terms of three areas:

  • Learning requirements of students with learning difficulties in partners’ countries and how these requirements currently being addressed
  • The diversity of learning styles of contemporary teachers and school staff working with the students with learning difficulties (at primary school and preschool);
  • Pedagogical trends in connection with use of ICT technologies in the education – mobile applications, games, educational robotics and related ICT proving a significant impact on students’ learning achievements (goals, engagement, teacher assistance, etc).



IO2: Handbook “How to strengthen the implementation of the inclusive education at mainstream schools?”

  • This handbook will equip the inclusive education ambassadors with the necessarily knowledge, resources and strategies to enable them to mainstream and support the implementation of inclusive education practices.
  • The handbook will cover also the peer learning cooperation – how can be implemented at the classroom, in what conditions, environment settings etc.

Preliminary content of the handbook includes:

  • Recommendations on equity and inclusive education implementation
  • The current status of inclusive education in partner countries
  • Recommendations how to create effective and innovative study materials that support the implementation of the inclusive education
  • Recommendations on competences and attitudes of inclusive teaching staff
  • The role of the ICT in the 21st century classroom – serious games, robotic mediated learning and activities organised to special needs students
  • Organisation of inclusive education campaigns onto social medias and internet

IO3: Guide for setting up and delivery of cross-school peer support

  • The aim of this handbook is to enable peer support between teachers at different schools.
  • We will provide the opportunity for a continuous exploitation and mainstreaming of the tangible results developed under IO1 and IO2 with an easy use of IO4 as a training facilitations mediator.
  • Furthermore the guide will provide simple tips and strategies that will enable cooperation, exchange of strategies, approaches, ideas and communication between inclusive ambassadors.

IO4: Mobile app for blended learning and cross-school networking and communication

  • The mobile app (Moodle based) will supports the actions towards distribution and realisation of blended learning as well as will facilitate the self-planning, self-learning and independent use of the project intellectual outputs
  • It will also facilitate the virtual mediation of collaboration between them as safe and secure environment as part of IO 3 implementation.

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