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Target Groups & Impact

Direct target: Beneficiaries:
  • Teachers
  • Trainers
  • Psychologists
  • Resource tutors
  • Principals
  • Youth with disabilities
  • Parents of youth with disabilities
  • Local and regional authorities
  • Policy makers

All the participating schools during piloting process will:

  • share their experience and good practices focusing on abilities rather than disabilities
  • improve their individual support system introducing the good practice of other countries reducing the risk of failure and preventing students drop outs
  • learn how to make effective and motivating study materials adapted to the individual needs of every student which will lead to a greater success
  • use the project and its intellectual outputs as a resource in long-term development of the mainstream schools.

Impact on students with disabilities:

  • Directly benefit from the improved teaching strategies offered by their teaching and training staff.
  • Improvement of their digital and social competencies, goal achievements towards predefined learning outcomes in schools’ curricula, to improve their engagement in the learning process, to support and increase their motivation towards the learning process and last but not least to support their social learning and inclusion which will be possible by using the educational robots for peer activities at classroom with other students without disabilities.

Impact on NON-SEN students:

  • We will support their digital and social competences, awareness raising towards the needs and abilities of their peers with disabilities and will strengthen the cooperation, communication and building of mutual trust and respect.

Impact on EDUCATIONAL PLANNERS (Municipalities, Educational directorates, Ministry of Education and Science etc.)

  • They will use the power that the inclusive ambassadors will reach to support the preparation and amendment of the governmental and municipal plans for improvement of the existing educational patterns.

Impact on Family members of students with learning difficulties:

  • The inclusive ambassadors will improve the life quality of students with learning difficulties by giving them opportunity to learn basic (soft) skills.
  • In addition the results from the project will improve the trust of the parents towards supporting their children to visit preschools and schools and this will lead to reduction of school dropouts.

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